Panton Town Officers

Elected Officers Name Term Expires
Moderator ( 1-year term) (elected by  Martha DeGraaf 2025
Selectboard  (3-year term) Howard Hall - Chair 2025
  Teresa Smith – Vice Chair 2027
  Zachary Weaver 2026
Board of Listers -- Elimination approved by voters in March 2023.    
Board of Auditors -- Elimination approved by voters in March 2022.    
Constable  (1-year term) (no candidate, appointed by SB) Jill Harter 2025
Dog Warden  (1-year term) (elected by write-in) Vacant  
Water Commissioners Chris Cook 2025
 Panton Water District John DeGraaf 2026
  (3-year term) Meddie Perry 2027
Justice of the Peace  (2-year term) Elected at General Election Gretchen Bailey 2024
  Eileen Brennan 2024
  James Dayton 2024
  Paula Moore 2024
  Diane Raphael 2024
Addison Northwest School District Board Representative  (3-year term) Martha DeGraaf 2025
 Selectboard-Appointed Officers    
Design Review Board/Planning Commission  (3-year term) Mary Rudd - Chair  2025
  Bob Hartenstein – Vice Chair 2025
  Bethanie Brady Farrell - Secretary 2026
  Gretchen Bailey 2026
  Catharine Hays 2026
  Annie Hopper 2026
  Vacant 2026
Delinquent Tax Collector Barbara Fleming N/A
Addison County Regional  Planning Representative  (1-year term) James Dayton 2025
  Alternate Vacant 2025
Addison County Solid Waste Representative  (1-year term) J Paul Sokal 2025
  Alternate Vacant  
Town Advisor  (1-year term) Alexandra "Sandy" Fogg 2025
Tree Warden 24 V.S.A. § 871 shall serve until their successors are appointed Diana Raphael N/A
Emergency Management Coordinator  (1-year term) Bob Groff 2025
Civil Defense  (1-year term) Selectboard 2025
Town 911 Coordinator  (1-year term) J Paul Sokal 2025
Green-Up Day Co-Chair  (1-year term) Louise Giovanella 2025
Green -up Day Co-Chair  (1-year term) Paula Moore 2025
Town Health Officer  (3-year term) Geoffrey Nelson 2026
Transportation Advisory Committee Delegate Howard Hall 2025
State-Appointed Officers    
Fire Warden  (5-year term) Matt Fraley 2026
Town Staff    
Town Clerk & Treasurer Maggie McCormick  
Assistant Town Clerk/Treasurer Ivy McIntee  
Road Foreman Rick Cloutier  
Road Crew  Jeff Stone  
Zoning Administrator David Martini