Town Buildings

Panton owns the Town Hall located at 3176 Jersey Street, close to what is known as Panton Four-Corners. Town Hall was built in the 1860s as a Methodist church. Benches used in the upstairs meeting room are believed to have been used as church pews. 

Panton also has a highway department complex at 2163 Panton Road, which consists of the main garage, a large fabric dome salt shed, an equipment barn, the old salt shed, and one of Panton's five original schoolhouses, once known as the Sand Road School. The schoolhouse building is no longer useful for Town purposes. Anyone interested in acquiring the schoolhouse should contact the Town offices. 

Of Panton's other schoolhouses, two are privately owned in their original locations. One is at the corner of Jersey Street and Spaulding Road and the other is on Jersey Street near the intersection with Panton Road--the Panton Four-Corners. Both are distinctive small rectangular stone structures. 

A schoolhouse that once sat ta the intersection of Lake Road and Spaulding Road is now part of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Ferrisburgh.

The schoolhouse that was once on East Road was purchased and moved by Mike Harrington.