August 13. 2024 - Vermont Primary Election 

The Vermont Primary Election is Tuesday, August 13, 2024.

You may request an early/absentee ballot in person at Panton Town Hall or by phone, mail, email, or through the Vermont My Voter Page: https://mvp.vermont.gov/. Please factor in mailing times--both to you and back to us--when making your request and returning your ballot. We monitor requests received through My Voter Page each day Town Hall is open.

The last day to obtain an early/absentee ballot in person from Panton is Thursday, August 8, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. Town Hall will be closed on Monday, August 12 to prepare for the election.

Election information for Panton can be found at https://www.pantonvt.us/governance/general_elections/index.php.

If you plan to visit Town Hall this summer, you need to know about a new state law enacted on May 28, 2024. S. 209 states, “A person shall not knowingly possess a firearm at a polling place or on the walks leading to a building in which a polling place is located on an election day.” S.209 also states, " Possession is also prohibited in the town clerk’s office during any period when a board of civil authority has voted to permit early voting." For state elections, this prohibition starts 40 days prior the election. For the August primary election, this prohibits firearms at Panton Town Hall beginning on June 29, 2024 until after the polls close on August 13, 2024.

This law applies everywhere in Vermont. It requires signs to be posted at the entrances to polling places, so you will see signs when you come to our office and/or if you vote in person. The law also addresses specific exceptions, including for law enforcement. It also doesn't apply to motor vehicles, so you may safely store your firearms in your vehicle at Panton Town Hall.

November 5, 2024 - National Presidential Election