The Permit Process

Landowners who need a permit for their project submit an application, site diagram, and appropriate fee to the Town.

The Zoning Administrator reviews each submitted application. If the project meets standards, a permit is issued. The permit must be displayed at the project site for 15 days BEFORE work begins. During this time, an interested party may appeal the permit. The definition of an interested party is found on page 6 of the Zoning Regulations. 

If a proposed project does not meet Panton’s zoning standards, the Zoning Administrator will inform the applicant that a Waiver, a Variance, a Conditional Use, or a Home Occupation permit is needed. Waivers, Variances, Conditional Use, and Home Occupation permits all require a hearing by the Development Review Board. Hearings must be warned not less than 15 days prior to the hearing.

Town of Panton Zoning Regulations

Information about Public Notice and Review Procedure can be found on page 16.
Information about Waivers can be found on page 22.
Information about Variances can be found on page 21.
Information about Conditional Use can be found on page 18.
Information about Home Occupations can be found on page 27.