2023 Town-Wide Reappraisal

Photo ©2023 Stephen Ettinghausen

The Town of Panton contracted  Real Capital Consulting, Inc. (RCC) to complete a Town-wide Reappraisal for the 2024 Grand List. The purpose of the Town-wide Reappraisal is to update all property data and calculate new Fair Market Value reflected as of 4/1/2024. RCC staff completed the property inspection phase of the reappraisal in January 2024. 

  • May 2024:
    • Approximately 5/17: Change of assessed value notices and grand list will be mailed to property owners for their review.
      • Owners with questions may contact RCC. 
      • Instructions on how to grieve the assessed value will be included.
  • June 2024: 
    • June 4: Town required to file abstract grand list with State.
    • June 19: Grievance hearing period begins.
  • July 2024
    • July 2: Grievance hearing period ends.
    • July 9: Grievance hearing results mailed.
    • July 25: Town required to file final grand list with State. 
  • September 2024
    • Approximately 9/2: 2024-2025 tax bills mailed to property owners.
  • November 1, 2024: First installment property tax payment due.
  • May 1, 2025: Second installment property tax payment due.